Salon consulting is a passion of mine. This is my best fulfilling accomplishment. I have made many mistakes in the years of owning my own salon. I want to help you so that you can avoid them.




                                       Salon Empowerment Program


This is a salon consulting program that offers:

           Salon Operations​    *    HR/Staff Development   *    Education                               Branding   *   Social Engagement   *   Marketing  

                                                 Hair Care Events


With over 25 years as a stylist and 10 years experience in global education, Renee takes pride in her salon consulting.


This program was created for stylists who want to take their success to the next level and for Salon owners who want to reinvent their business.


Renee Hall manages her time working behind the chair, consulting salon owners, traveling for educational workshops and teaching at cosmetology schools.



              To get started:

 Submit your $50.00 consultation fee. 

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Once your fee is processed, we call you to determine what services we can provide to build or expand your salon.

A customized package is created for your establishment and we start the process